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Dutch Painting

The White Horse

Philips Wouwerman
Oil on panel, 43.5 x 38 cm.
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Philips Wouwermans, The White Horse

Philips Wouwerman

Philips Wouwerman was a Dutch painter born in Haarlem. He was renowned for his depictions of landscapes, hunting scenes, and battle scenes. Wouwerman was part of a family of painters, with his father, Paulus Joosten Wouwerman, being his first teacher. His brother, Pieter Wouwerman, was also a successful painter.

Wouwerman's works often feature energetic horses, lively compositions, and atmospheric landscapes. He was highly prolific, producing hundreds of paintings during his lifetime. His style evolved over time, but he consistently maintained a high level of technical skill and attention to detail.

Wouwerman's paintings were in high demand during his lifetime, both in the Netherlands and abroad. His works were collected by prominent figures, including European monarchs. Today, his paintings can be found in major museums around the world, including the Louvre in Paris and the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg.

While Wouwerman's reputation declined somewhat in the 19th century, he experienced a revival in the 20th century, with renewed interest in his works among art historians and collectors. He remains recognized as one of the leading Dutch Golden Age painters, known for his masterful depictions of landscapes and equestrian scenes.

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