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Philosophy and Direction of Essential Vermeer

Jonathan Janson Jonathan Janson (photo courtesy Tim Jenison)
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For an increasing number of 21st-century art enthusiasts, the paintings of Johannes Vermeer offer profound insights into the nature of human existence. The artist's unique ability to side-step didactic finger-wagging and picturesque anecdote, both quintessential traits of Dutch Golden Age painting, captivates viewers with its elegance, technique and compositonal perfection. His few themes—such as letter writing, reading, courtship, domestic chores, and scholarly inquiry—resonate as much with today's museum-goers as they did with viewers 350 years ago.

The primary goal of the Essential Vermeer is to harness the extraordinary potential of the internet to provide a comprehensive and organic presentation of Vermeer's art, life, and cultural milieu. Complex art historical issues are made accessible to casual art lovers while retaining their relevance for scholars and experts. News of Vermeer-related exhibitions, publications, and multimedia events are reported in real time.

Although Vermeer's oeuvre is relatively stable in number, and the key aspects of his life are reasonably well-known, there exists a wide range of interpretive modes and hypotheses. Rather than trying to resolve discrepancies among conflicting views, I believe that the Essential Vermeer can serve the art community better by offering an impartial vantage point and presenting various interpretations in a balanced manner. The availability of multiple viewpoints encourages informed debate and stimulates further inquiry.

As in the past, I am eager to collaborate with international colleagues and institutions, deepening relationships not only in Vermeer-related studies but also in the broader development of web art-historical strategies.

Best regards,
Jonathan Janson
author and founder of EssentialVermeer.com

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