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Dutch Painting

Yacht and Other Boats

Hendrick Dubbels
Oil on canvas, 48.3 x 48.1 cm.
National Gallery, London
Yacht and Other Boats, hendrick Dubbels

DUBBELS, Hendrik Jakobsz.
(b. 1621, Amsterdam, d. 1707, Amsterdam)

Dubbels worked in Amsterdam as a painter of seascapes and winter landscapes from c. 1641 until his death. He also did chalk and ink drawings of the same subjects. His earliest paintings were seascapes executed in the style of Jan Porcellis and using the restricted palette associated with the 'tonal' phase of Dutch painting. From c. 1650 to 1653 Dubbels was employed in the studio of Simon de Vlieger, where he developed close artistic contacts with Jan van de Capelle and Willem van de Velde II, and de Vlieger's influence can be seen in the scenes of Amsterdam and its environs that Dubbels painted independently until c. 1658–1660. He worked mainly for other Amsterdam marine painters: he was in the studio of Willem van de Velde I until 1672-3, when van de Velde and his son emigrated to England. After that Dubbels worked with his former pupil, Ludolf Backhuysen.

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