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Did Vermeer make mistakes? What is the Milkmaid preparing in her kitchen? Is the Girl with a Pearl Earring really a masterpiece and is her pearl a fake? Why did the artist's reputation vaporize so quickly after he died and why is he so famous today? What tricks and special colors did he use? Bolstered by his lifelong study of Vermeer and decades of experience as a professional painter, Jonathan Janson reveals Vermeer's life and art in human, down-to-earth terms.

For anyone interested in Vermeer the man and Vermeer's art, rather than his myth, 25 Things You Didn't Know about Vermeer offers rare glimpses into the artist's day-to-day experiences and struggles both inside and outside the confines of his studio.


25 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know about Vermeer: Tricks, Troubles and Triumphs of a Great Dutch Master
Jonathan Janson
2021 | PDF | $6.95

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Dutch Painting

The Procuress

Dirck van Baburen
Oil on canvas, 101.6 x 107.6 cm.
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
The procuress, Dirch van Baburen

Dirck van BABUREN
Utrecht (?) c. 1594-5-Utrecht 1624

Baburen is the least known of the three artists active in Utrecht in the 1620s who practiced a style imported from Italy which was basically derived from Caravaggio and his Italian followers. As a young man Baburen studied at Utrecht under the competent academic artist Paulus Moreelse (1571–1638), who was himself to flirt with the Caravaggesque idiom. Baburen then spent eight years (c. 1612–1620) in Rome. The pictures painted during his stay there are almost totally dependent on Caravaggio. His Deposition in the church of San Pietro in Montorio in Rome is a pastiche of Caravaggio's own prototype which was then in St Peter's (now in the Pinacoteca Vaticana). On his return to Utrecht, Baburen shared a studio with the more inventive Ter Brugghen and he developed a more individual style. This enabled him to paint a brilliantly coarse Procuress (in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts) which Vermeer depicted twice in the backgrounds to his pictures: it appears in the London Lady Seated at a Virginal and in The Concert in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston.

Christopher Wright, The Dutch Painters: 100 Seventeenth Century Masters, London, 1978

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