Philips Wouwerman

Landscape with Packhorses

Oil on canvas, 36.3 x 41 cm.
Muzeul Naţional Brukenthal, Sibiu, Romania
Philips Wouwerman, Landscape with Packhorses

Abraham van Calraet

Calraet or Kalraet, baptised on 12 October, 1642 in Dordrecht, the son of a woodcarver, one of six artist brothers, of whom Barendt (1649–1737), and possibly Abraham himself, studied under Cuyp. He was first the pupil of the Huppe brothers, sculptors in Dordrecht, and subsequently practised as a wood-carver and as a painter of still life, stable scenes, landscapes with horses, and some portraits.

In 1680 he married in Dordrecht a daughter of the painter C. Bisschop. He was buried in Dordrecht on 12 June, 1722.