"Dissius" Auction of 1696

No. 10 "A gentleman and a young lady making music in a room, by the same" 81-0

Girl Interrupted in her Music by Johannes VermeerGirl Interrupted in her Music
Johannes Vermeer
c. 1658–1661
Oil on canvas, 39.3 x 44.4 cm.
Frick Collection, New York

Description no. 10 of the Dissius auction catalogue may refer to either Girl Interrupted at Her Music or The Music Lesson. One argument against the Girl Interrupted at her Music is that the painting fetched a rather high price, 81 guilders. Even though the painting is now in a very poor state of conservation, neither its reduced dimensions nor remaining visible qualities seem to solicit such an elevated price. On the other hand, The Music Lesson is one of Vermeer's most complex works. The Concert, also represents a gentleman and a young lady making music. But the description does not take into account a second young woman who is beating time and singing.