"Dissius" Auction of 1696

The Little Street, Johannes Vermeer
The Little Street
Johannes Vermeer
c. 1657 - 1661
Oil on canvas, 54.3 x 44 cm.
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

No. 32 "A view of a house standing in Delft, by the same" 72-10

No.33 " A view of some house, by ditto" 48-0

Scholars generally believe that the description of the no. 32 fits the Little Street now housed in the Rijksmuseum, although strictly speaking, there is no reason it could not be no.33. Whatever the case, the other view of houses no longer exists.

Thorè- Bürger, the French connoisseur who is generally accredited for having rediscovered Vermeer in the mid-eighteenth-century, attributed various landscapes to the Delft master that were later purged from his oeuvre. Thorè had in his own collection more than one landscape which he believed to be authentic. They were later proved to be by the hand of Jacob Vrel and Dirk Van de Laan, the later Dutch a painter who was strongly influenced by Vermeer’s pointillist application of paint.

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