f A Timeline of the Most Prominent European Painters of Vermeer's Era
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Did Vermeer make mistakes? What is the Milkmaid preparing in her kitchen? Is the Girl with a Pearl Earring really a masterpiece and is her pearl a fake? Why did the artist's reputation vaporize so quickly after he died and why is he so famous today? What tricks and special colors did he use? Bolstered by his lifelong study of Vermeer and decades of experience as a professional painter, Jonathan Janson reveals Vermeer's life and art in human, down-to-earth terms.

For anyone interested in Vermeer the man and Vermeer's art, rather than his myth, 25 Things You Didn't Know about Vermeer offers rare glimpses into the artist's day-to-day experiences and struggles both inside and outside the confines of his studio.


25 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know about Vermeer: Tricks, Troubles and Triumphs of a Great Dutch Master
Jonathan Janson
2021 | PDF | $6.95

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A Timeline of Prominent European Artists of Vermeer's Era

This timeline illustrates a number of the most important European artists who were active during the period of the so-called Golden Age of Dutch art. In order to see an example of each painter's works, hover mouse over the artist's name. Some information can be accessed by hovering the moust of the "+" symbol to the right of the artists' name and dates of birth and death. Further information can be accessed bt clicking on the painter's name, which will take you the Wikipedia entry.

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