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Jonathan JansonJonathan Janson (photo courtesy Tim Jenison)

March, 2015
Vermeer (Wayne Franits)
—Essential Vermeer cited as website resource

Travels in Vermeer: A Memoir ( Michael White)
—White writes :"Jonathan Janson, a central figure in contemporary Vermeer studies, has helped me immeasureably. As a working painter, Janson writes with intimacey and authrority about Vermeer and about the art of painting in general. His website, The Essential Vermeer, is one of the great art troves of the internet, visited daily not only by experts of the field, but also by countless students, travelers, and ameteur Vermeer lovers like myself."

5 March, 2014
Vermeer, La Fabrique de la Gloire, (Jan Blanc)
Essential Vermeer is cited in the "sites internet" section.

30 June, 2014, edited on 11 July 2014
The Schwartzlists (Gary Schwartz)
"Vermeer's blood-sopping saint"
— In an article regarding the authenticity of the Saint Praxedis, the author cites an Essential Vermeer article as an "excellent entry on Vermeer's signatures on the invaluable Essential Vermeer 2.0."

5 June, 2014
HNA/AANS International Interdisciplinary Conference, Boston
—Essential Vermeer author Jonathan Jansonis invited to co-chair the workshop, Artists in the Age of the Internet:,, and the Artist Website.

27 December, 2013
The Guardian (Simon Jenkins)
"What Vermeer's Guitar Player taught me about the joy of art. With Kenwood House restored, The Guitar Player is back where she should be and my obsession is renewed"
<, mmentisfree/2013/dec/27/vermeer-guitar-player-art-kenwood-house>
—Essential Vermeer website is cited and linked.

November 27, 2013
The New York Times (Randy Kennedy)
"For Fervent Fans of the Dutch Masters, 'It's a Dream Come True'"
—Essential Vermeer author Jonathan Janson is discussed and website is linked.

June, 2013
Vermeer and Music: The Art of Love and Leisure (exhibition catalogue by Marjorie E. Wieseman)
Listed among "Further Reading" the article "Music in the Time of Vermeer" (by Adelheid Rech, 2005) published on the Essential Vermeer.

September, 2012
exhibition catalogue: Vermeer: Il secolo d'oro dell'arte olandese (curated by Sandrina Bandera, Walter Liedtke e Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr.)
The author of Essential Vermeer, Jonathan Janson, is cited among "Si ringraziano."

The Rijksmuseum Bulletin, vol 1.
"A Question of Framing on Vermeer's 'Woman in Blue Reading a Letter'" (Gregor Weber)
—Essential Vermeer section "Vermeer Paintings in their Frames"is cited on page 27, footnote no. 7.

December, 2008
Vermeer's Hat: The Seventeenth Century and the Dawn of the Global World (Timothy Brook)
< >
—Essential Vermeer cited in "Recommended Reading and Sources," p.236

November, 2008
Vermeer: The Complete Paintings (Walter A. Liedtke)
Cited in catalogue entry of The Lacemaker, "Making Lace with Vermeer" (by Adelheid Rech, published in Essential Vermeer), p. 153.

July 18, 2006
Vermeer in Mauritshuis (Epco Runia)
Essential Vermeer is cited in the " Acknowledgments" in the "websites" section.

August 1, 2005
Kathryn Shattuck, New York Times
"John Montias, 76, Scholar Of Economics and of Art"
Exclusive Essential Vermeer website interview with Montias is cited and linked.