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Dirck Van Bleyswyck's Kaart Figuratief

Kaart Figuratief

The Kaart Figuratief

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  1. Oude Kerk (Old Church)
  2. Tomben der Admiralen (tombs of the admirals Maarten Tromp and Piet Heyn)
  3. Stadhuis (Town Hall)
  4. Oude Princen Hof (Old Prinsenhof)
  5. 't Gasthuys ('Guest-House'. Originally (Middle Ages) guest-house and hospital of the Norbertiner-convent Koningsveld, se also no. 16. After 1572 (Reformation) municipal hospital of Delft. In 1625 united with the 'Pest-Huis'/Plague-House, see .no 13)
  6. Vlees-Hal (Meat-Hall)
  7. Amunitie Magasijn van Holland (central armory for the region Holland and
  8. Generaliteits Kruys Magasijn (new gunpowder magazine of the
    'Generaliteit van de Staten Holland en West-Friesland')
  9. Nieuwe Kerck (New Church)
  10. Tombe der Princen van Orange (tomb of the princes of Orange)
  11. 't Gemeendlands Huis (Gemeendlandshuis, since 1645 house of the'Hoogheemradschaap van Delfland', the regional Water & Dyke Board)
  12. 't Hof, ofte hooge Vierschaer van Delftlands (house of the High Court of Delftland)
  13. 't Pest-Huys (Plague-House; former Mary Magdalen Convent)
  14. Stads Doele (shooting range of the Delftse Schutterij/Civic Guard)
  15. Artillery Magasijn van Holland (Artillery Depot of Holland)
  16. Abdye Konings-velt (ruin of Kingsfield Abbey)
  17. Overschie in Profijl (Overschie in profile, township north-east from Schiedam, at the Delfshavenschie)
  18. Stads Tol-heck by Berckel (municipal customs house)
  19. short description of the map
  20. Leydschendam (village between The Hague and Leiden, near Voorburg)
  21. Voorburg in Profijl (village near The Hague)
  22. Die Stadt in Profijl ofte verschictieuwe (The city in profile)
  23. Stads-huys oop Delfshaven (Town Hall of Delfshaven)
  24. Delfshaven in Plano (top view/map of Delfshaven)
  25. Wapen der Heeren Burge-meesteren (emblems of the Mayors/burgomasters)
  26. Delfshaven in Profijl (Delftshaven in profile)
  27. Overschie in Plano (map of Overschie, township north-east from Schiedam, a the Delfshavenschie)
  28. Zee-Magasijn van d' O. I. Comp. (sea-magazine/warehouse of the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (United East-Indian Company)

The Kaart Figuratief

The Kaart Figuratief is undoubtedly the most important map of Delft, a "true topographical monument."1 However, it is not a map in the modern sense, rather, it is a hybrid of a map, an aerial photograph and theatre stage in which the whole town of Delft is seen from a bird's-eye view with buildings shown in isometric perspective. The drawing's three-dimensional relief offers an unparalleled sensation of a real brick-and-mortar town in miniature and it is difficult not to be moved by it. Beautiful as the Kaart Figuratief may be, it still has one drawback for the modern historian: it depicts a smaller number of buildings on any given city block than there actually were.2 Thus, exact measurements and identifications of specific building is not always possible. It also does not show the improvised wood structures in which the poor lived in the areas immediately surrounding the walled town.

Click here for more information on the Kaart Figuratief and other historic maps of Delft.


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    This booklet provides detailed information to the most important maps of Delft.
  2. Bas van der Wulp, "A View of Delft in the Age of Vermeer," in Dutch Society in the Age of Vermeer, eds. Donald Haks and Marie Christine van der Sman, Zwolle: Waanders Books, 1996.

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