April 1, 5:18, p.m.

Essential Vermeer Time Relocated

I have just relocated Essential Vermeer Time to a new URL. I hope you will check in and leave a comments.

My very best ,
Jonathan Janson

ESSENTIAL VERMEER TIME is an open door onto the spinning wheels, grinding cogs, ideas, inspirations, doubts and dreams that make the Essential Vermeer website run full steam ahead.

You'll find information about what’s currently under development and way down the pipeline, an occasional opinion as well as bits and pieces of what I come across skimming the web that may not wind up anywhere in the Essential Vermeer but seem worth noting.

And, obviously, you'll find the latest Vermeer news, practically real time.

Jonathan Janson
director of Essential Vermeer
Rome, Italy

R O M E, I T A L Y



In June, 2001, I launched the Essential Vermeer as a one-page list of available Vermeer-related websites and literature.*

After 12 years , it has evolved into a 1.02 GB (on hard drive) Vermeer resource with over 500 web pages, 3,000 images, 200 audio files, bibliographies, interviews with Vermeer notables and scores of innovative interactive studies, including the innovative Complete Interactive Vermeer Catalogue.

The website newsletter— now 3,500 subscribers strong— informs subscribers about everything Vermeer that's going on and, hopefully, bridges a bit of the gap between long-time Vermeer devotees, neophytes and savvy art scholars. Both the website and newsletter are freely-accessible and non-commercial.

Running Essential Vermeer is a complicated (and rewarding) enterprise.

To maintain constant progress and the highest quality of Essential Vermeer's contents, I devote on the average 5 hours a day to doing research, writing, code, graphics and optimization. Editing and reediting practically never finishes. And then, there's always the all-important communication. Broken down, let’s say I spend about 1 hour after breakfast, 2 after lunch and 2 - 3 in the evenings working on the site. Weekends often get out of hand, marathon style and Sunday-night soar eyes.

Please enjoy ESSENTIAL VERMEER TIME and don't hesitate to comment question or suggest.

*The first days of the Essential Vermeer is captured here for posterity but without pity by the Way Back Machine.