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Vermeer...as close as you can get
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The Astronomer

The Lady Standing at a Virginal

The View of Delft

The Milkmaid

The Lacemaker
The Little Street


The Glass of Wine
The Procuress


Vermeer's Art
Complete Vermeer Catalogue
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Saint Praxedis: missing the mark
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eyewitness accounts of Vermeer's paintings
Vermeer's lost self-portrait
erroneous attributions and fakes 
the Procuress: evidence for a Vermeer self-portrait
Vermeer's Painting Technique
Vermeer's painting technique 
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Vermeer and the Camera Obscura
Virtual reconstruction of Woman with a Water Pitcher
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Music in the Time of Vermeer
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Vermeer's life
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Johannes and Catharina
Delft School  & Dutch Painting
the School of Delft
the Saint Luke's Guild of Delft
timeline of Dutch painters
Dutch master gallery
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economics in Dutch 17th c. painting
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Delft in Vermeer's time
Vermeer's neighborhood
Delft: yesterday, today and a postcard
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Arnold Bon's 1667 elegy
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External Research Sources
external research sources or researching numerous particular topics concerning Vermeer's life & art
Proust and Vermeer:"petit pan de mur jaune."
The Han van Meegeren case
Brush with Fate: a  behind the scenes view Girl in Hyacinth Blue
Novels, Poems and Films

recent novels, poems and films inspired by Vermeer's painting
Vermeer Video Reviews
Love, Light and Silence
Vermeer: Master of Light